Bollinger. A House that carries and cultivates taste as a legacy through powerful and distinctive wines. A brand that has captured the hearts and minds of consumers here and abroad since 1829. An ambitious brand that our teams have accompanied in redefining the role of each quality and their respective platforms, in terms of role, positioning, concept, image or target audience within the portfolio.

Our missions

  • Range Strategy
  • Packaging Identity
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Management


  • Champagne
  • Community Management
  • Content Production
  • Global Support
  • Packaging
  • Spirits
  • Tone of Voice

Our Bollinger Love Story

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The entire range was refined and strengthened through workshops with the Bollinger teams. The virtues of this product strategy rework are particularly evident in La Grande Année and Bollinger R.D., which will now respectively carry the “handsewn” dimension and mythical character of the House. 

The collaboration has continued on with the design of the packaging identity for the new cuvée Pinot Noir, PNVZ, and the revision of the packaging identities for the other cuvées. Various key visuals were also designed to support the new product concepts.


The nobility of the raw

Simultaneously, the Brand Content teams worked on embodying the House’s revival on social media. Bollinger is a Love Brand. As such, the teams focused on nurturing the relationship with the current Bolly Lovers and recruiting new ones. This now becomes the objective of the Brut raffiné editorial line in particular: to reinvent the brand without betraying itself or its community. A natural elegance, a deep appreciation for terroir and the savoir-faire associated with the family heritage are the pillars that now frame the brand’s social media presence. The result in form is a witty tone, in substance an art direction that embodies the House’s family spirit and its contemporaneity.

As “Bolly Lovers” ourselves, we pride ourselves on cultivating and strengthening the brand’s fundamentals for even greater coherence and resonance. By delighting those who love Bollinger now and those who will love it tomorrow, we’ve delighted ourselves too!

To reinvent the brand without betraying itself or its community


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