If La Comédie Française has carried the torch of both guardian and enlightener of the living arts since 1799, it must remain connected to a highly diverse and constantly evolving audience. It must arouse the audience’s curiosity, introduce them to the wonders of La Comédie Française, and create a bond with this venerable institution. Not only through its communication, but also through its boutique, a privileged place of exchange, and through its branded product collections. In this way, the magic of the performance is prolonged and passed on…

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Giving life to a living art!

Comédie Française

It is by delving into the history of the place, and in collaboration with those who are passionate about bringing it to life, that our strategic team conceives the brand platform of this eminent cultural monument which previously lacked one.

The first achievement that embodies this vision is the shop’s new retail identity concept. The agency intends to highlight the collective talent of the troupe, the costume designers, the master decorators, all these professionals who together create the legend of La Comédie Française and bring to life its motto “Simul et Singulis”.

La Ruche, the emblem of La Comédie Française

With La Ruche, the emblem of La Comédie Française since 1682, we are unlocking this place of history. The result is a modern, immersive and deeply narrative concept shop that invites discovery and surprise, making the visitor part of the rich energy that emanates from this place. More than a simple metaphor, La Ruche is a tribute to the founding motto of La Comédie Française: “Be together and be yourself”.

Comédie Française

A reinterpreted DNA, anchored in the present, for ever more resonance.

Comédie Française
Comédie Française

Audemars Piguet



Revamping: brand platform, visual identity, retail identity

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