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Date of creation: 17/11/1995

Legal form: Limited Liability Company with a share capital of 40,000 euros

Website publication director: Mr Guillaume CARRE

Trade and Companies Register number: 402 912 596

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In order to maintain the seriousness and quality of the services it provides for its clients and future clients, Carré Basset reminds you that the consultation and/or use of the website implies the acceptance and respect of the conditions outlined below as well as the applicable laws in France concerning communication on the Internet. By using, each individual (hereafter referred to as “the User”) accepts these Terms of Use.


The Website and each of its component elements, including articles, texts, presentations, press releases, illustrations, graphics, and animations are the intellectual property of CARRÉ BASSET ASSOCIES or their respective clients.

The User is not authorized, without prior written permission from the company CARRÉ BASSET ASSOCIES, to reproduce, reflect, modify, translate, and/or adapt, in whole or in part, the Website or any of its component elements, or to reproduce and/or reflect such translations and adaptations, whether for a fee or free of charge.

Carré Basset Associés does not waive any intellectual property rights to the documents or, more generally, to any of the content of the website, whatever the form. In accordance with the rules of “Proper Use” set out below, the consultation of the documents cannot be interpreted as a waiving, even partial or temporary, of the rights of reproduction, representation, and adaptation of all or part of the texts, methodological presentations, or visual or graphic elements that make up the website The Terms and Conditions of Use that apply to the documents, and more generally to the content of the website, are as follows : RIGHTS RESERVED – TEXT, VISUALS, GRAPHICS, OR AUDIO ELEMENTS CAN ONLY BE CONSULTED ON THE CARRÉ BASSET WEBSITE. REPRODUCTION AND/OR DISTRIBUTION PROHIBITED.

The brands cited on ─ and in particular, any names, logos, figurative trademarks, product names, and/or services that are cited or reproduced on the website ─ are the exclusive property of clients of Carré Basset Associés or of their respective owners. As such, the User may not, under any circumstances, use, even partially, reproduce, or reflect these trademarks (unless prior written permission from the owners of the trademarks has been granted). In the absence of prior written agreement from the owners of the trademarks mentioned, the exploitation and/or use of said trademarks is therefore strictly prohibited in any way whatsoever.


The Carré Basset Associés Website aims to present the agency’s vision along with the services it offers and the latest designs and concepts it has developed for its clients. Carré Basset does not guarantee the accuracy of the information it posts on its website even if it strives to do so. As such, the agency can in no way be held responsible for any damage or loss that anyone may suffer after consulting information presented on the Website (each User is solely responsible for the use they make of the Website and/or the information it contains). The agency reserves the right to change, at any time, all or part of the Website Any changes to the Website will take effect from the date of posting on the aforementioned website. The User will be presumed to have accepted any and all changes by the act of further consultation of the Website. Carré Basset Associés refuses all responsibility for any difficulties encountered when accessing its site or any communication failure. The Agency does not guarantee that the server hosting is virus-free, nor does it guarantee against any technical problems encountered that could damage the components of or data stored on the User’s computer.


Carré Basset ensures that the Website does not include any hyperlinks that allow direct or indirect access to websites or website pages whose content is unlawful, and makes every effort to take immediate steps to remove any hyperlinks if they are found to be unlawful. However, Carré Basset cannot be held responsible in this regard.


Personal data may be collected when the User:

– Navigates the Website,

– Submits an application,

– Subscribes to the Agency’s newsletter,

– Sends a question via the Contact Form.

Each form or teleservice limits the collection of personal data to the strictly necessary (data minimization), to be held for a duration limited solely to the purpose of the processing of the aforementioned form or teleservice, and will indicate in particular: the objectives of the collection of such data (purpose) and whether the information being collected is mandatory or optional in the management of the User’s request.

Personal data may also be processed to: ensure the functioning and security of the Website, improve its functioning, and evaluate its audience; or to perform anonymous statistical calculations.

Duration of data retention: Data will be held for a duration solely limited to the time required for any processes to be put in place. Personal data used for communication purposes will be kept for a period of five years from the time of collection or last contact with the Agency.

Transfer of personal data: Carré Basset does not communicate personal data to third parties, with the exception of its subcontractors.

The right of access and the right of rectification: For more information or to exercise your rights as granted by the French Data Protection and Privacy Act in relation to the processing of personal data managed by Carré Basset, you can contact us at any time by post (with a copy of your ID in the case of exercising your rights) at the following address:

Administrative Service –

Personal Data CARRE BASSET

39 rue de Richelieu 75001 PARIS

Right to object: Any person may object at any time to the processing of their personal data for communication purposes.


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Employees and management of the agency whose images are used on the website have consented to the use of their visual documents in the context of this site and in this context only.


The Terms of Use of the website, both in their interpretation and execution, are subject to French law. In the event of a dispute, the French courts will have sole jurisdiction.