UNVEILING the power of design…

MAXIMIZING potential with our systemic approach…

new paths.


Ever since our creation, we have strongly believed that good messages give brands the opportunity to express their point of view and that great design is the way to inspire emotional connections, create organic loyalty, and drive positive change.


Our trend, strategy, and creative teams work seamlessly across our brand design disciplines to translate consumer insights, trend analysis, and strategy into powerful brand solutions.


We nourish our expertise with emerging insights and explore new paradigms and alternatives so that we can play our role in the exciting luxury odyssey. And in this forecasting mindset, we are inspired every day by our international collaborators and clients who serve to keep our minds open and keep us deeply connected with contemporary culture.



‘A systemic approach’

Brand intelligence

The intelligence of time

We empower brands to understand their environment and project themselves into the future.

Our Disciplines

  • Bespoke Studies
  • Trend Observatory
  • Innovation workshops

Brand strategy

The founding act

We empower brands to define their messages and lay the foundations for a new engagement with their communities.

Our Disciplines

  • Brand Platform
  • Brand Portfolio & Architecture
  • Brand Social Media Strategy
  • Brand Retail Strategy

Creative strategy

The arching bridge

We empower brands to translate their messages into strong pillars of expression that guarantee consistency across all the touch points.

Our Disciplines

  • Brand Touch©
  • Brand Territory
  • Brand Creative Pillars
  • Brand Voice

Design experience

The amplified relationship

We empower brands to amplify their messages across the different touch points.

Our Disciplines

  • Visual identity & Branding
  • Packaging design
  • Retail & Merchandising Design
  • Digital Brand Experience
  • Social Media & Brand Content
  • Consumer Experience
  • Brand Activation

A look at the luxury sector, A look at the Time. Let’s dive into the challenges and opportunities of the contemporary luxury playground.

Trend & Forecast


At Carré Basset, we are committed to contributing positively, and with conviction, to a responsible approach, both on an environmental and human level. We are committed to this approach as part of our daily consulting activities, but also, first and foremost, within the company, where we have always placed the well-being of our employees and a respect for the planet at the heart of our corporate culture. We are guided by these principals in the implementation of practices and actions to improve daily life, and in our search for new alternatives.

Social Commitment

Our employees are the driving strength of the company. We are committed to providing them with a safe and secure working environment so that they can carry out their tasks and perform to their best.

We guarantee the health and safety of our employees by identifying risks, notably those related to stress at work, and by implementing any actions necessary to limit those risks. We promote diversity within our teams, favouring the hiring of women, and ensuring complete

We support our employees in the development of their skills throughout their careers. Training is an integral part of all our teams’ journeys with us, guaranteeing both the excellence of our services and the commitment of our employees.

We ensure the best working conditions for our employees, offering them flexible working hours and
the possibility to work remotely.

Environmental commitment

We only have one planet. We are committed to limiting the impact of our activity on our environment.

We promote sustainable consumption with our clients, ensuring the mastery of eco-design processes and integrating the latest innovations as we strive for continuous improvement.

We systematically recommend sustainable and recyclable materials to our clients. We sort all of our waste, and strive to reduce it.

We use air-conditioning in our premises in a thoughtful way to reduce energy consumption.

We buy responsibly, asking our suppliers to similarly commit. In signing our code of conduct, our partners commit to respecting the main fundamentals of Social and Environmental Responsibility.


Nous sommes des défenseurs de la libre pensée et encourageons nos collaborateurs à faire de même. Nous ne voulons pas d’un monde homogène. Nous encourageons et appliquons le mot d’esprit, le questionnement et la liberté de penser ! A la française…


Nous regardons toujours plus loin, pour avoir une longueur d’avance et anticiper les attentes et les évolutions des mentalités. Toujours se réinventer est une devise.

Ethical commitment

Integrity is the foundation of our business relationships. We are committed to the fundamental
ethical rules that govern our profession.

We fight against corruption, making our employees aware of the corruption risks they may face.

We guarantee the confidentiality of information, complying with data management regulations in
order to respect the protection of personal data.

We respect the universal principles of human rights, both within our teams and more widely with
our clients and our partners.

Societal commitment

We are a company rooted in its eco-system. We are committed to supporting local actions with

We show our solidarity by supporting local associations.