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Trend Observatory

Each year, Carré Basset strategic & creative teams decipher trends through THE LENS OF LUXURY’S CURRENT CHALLENGES.

The CARRÉ BASSET TREND WHEEL is a source of inspiration but also a tool to generate ideas and innovation considering all the touch points that create emotional bonds in the brand-customer relationship.

> 4 Social trends

Understanding new attitudes and expectations of luxury customers, This Observatory firmly places the customer, and the way he behaves with the world, at the center of its reflexion. Understanding new attitudes and expectations of luxury customers.

> 8 Marketing & Creative trends

Identifying retail, packaging, digital and branding best practices and innovations. Showcasing the creative trends that embody the era.

Purpose : inspire communication, retail and digital teams, generate activation concepts, develop new services or consumption rituals, etc.
Audience : marketing, communication & creative profiles.
Format: plenary session 1h30, Q&A / workshop sessions.

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Elodie Staels
Commercial & Strategy Director
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Webinar + Trend & Forecast

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In this current period of upheaval and rapid change, China stands out for its unique generational evolution. The average age of the luxury consumer is now 28, and Millennials are emerging as the real engine of growth. But the Chinese youth can seem to be an intimidating target, especially because as well as being demanding, insatiable, and digitally savvy, the numbers are huge!

Our experts and insiders, Chencheng XU, Head of the Shanghai office, Xiaoqing CHEN and Xue BAI, senior consultants at the Paris office, and Sylvine Nuret, Director of Strategic Planning at Carré Basset, invite you to get to grips with the topic, helping you to master the intricacies, seize opportunities, and decipher the expectations of this target market.

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Mi Zhou
China Consultant Senior
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Lure the consumer, build brand preference, and establish a loyal brand-consumer community. These essentials behind every customer relationship are based on trust and an emotional connection with the brand.

What is a “Love Brand”? Why and how, now more than ever, do they benefit brands and their consumers? Is a Love Brand born one or created over time? What role do social networks play?

Our expert guests, Noël ALBERT, associate professor at KEDGE BUSINESS SCHOOL, and Stéphanie TRIAU, Head of the luxury and beauty division of the insights department at LINKFLUENCE, join Sylvine NURET, Director of strategic planning at CARRÉ BASSET, to answer these questions and more in this webinar.


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Eric Briones inaugurates with us, in this release from lockdown, the Meetings of l’Oeil de Carré Basset!

This hyperactive observer and player in the luxury sector – co-Founder of the Paris School of Luxury, Chief Editor of the Journal du Luxe and Curator of the Salon du Luxe -, comes here to present his analysis of the ‘POST LUXURY COVID.

Following the publication of his Book: “Le Choc Z” he co-creates, with the students who will make the luxury of tomorrow, the podcast: L’OBSERVATOIRE DU MONDE QUI ARRIVE, and shares his ‘New Luxury algorithm’ with the Oeil de Carré basset community through 3 main decision-making levers:

The evolution of economic factors related to the sector

The acceleration of expectations in terms of retail

The societal dimension of luxury.

The debate continues with your questions addressed to our guest and to Sylvine Nuret, Director of Strategic Planning Carré Basset.

Trend & Forecast

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Five key trends to sharpen your Social Media strategies with a focus on Tik Tok, Twitch, and ClubHouse.

How can you best think about social networks, understand them, and above all, use them through the prism of Luxury?

We approach the current social media landscape through a resolutely consumer-based approach. We explore new forms of exclusivity, creativity, and innovation to cultivate greater resonance with your audiences and enrich your personal reflections around campaign activation, product launch, and brand image.

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Hélène Lecompte
Brand Content Director
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